Greens’ Gimli Candidate Glenda Whiteman Speaks up for the Water

Greens’ Gimli Candidate Whiteman, party leader Beddome, to speak up for the health of Lake Winnipeg and its watershed at candidates’ forum in Gimli tonight.


Green Party of Manitoba Leader James Beddome, buoyed by his party’s inclusion in the televised leader’s debates, will be joining Gimli candidate Glenda Whiteman tonight at an all-candidates forum in Gimli.  Foremost, no doubt, in the minds of constituents are the ongoing efforts to save Lake Winnipeg from nutrient-overloading and the disastrous eutrophication that is killing the lake.

“In my lifetime, water has gone from something we all took for granted, to something that people in other parts of the world are literally dying to protect,” says Whiteman, active on environmental issues, including air and water pollution, and human health for the last ten years. “Let’s recognize now the need to prevent water privatization, the need to clean up the damage we’ve already done, and the need to stop polluting further. Every industry, every inhabitant, every municipality, every crown corporation in Manitoba should be part of the solution—because if not they are part of the problem.”

A Green government would invest immediately in a comprehensive strategy for wetland reclamation throughout Manitoba and would prohibit the draining of any further wetlands.  While some positive initial first steps have been taken towards wetlands restoration, leader James Beddome feels this is an issue that cannot be measured in financial terms.  “How can you put a price tag on our most precious natural treasure – fresh water?” asks Beddome. “It’s time any and all governments – local, provincial, and First Nations – roll up their sleeves cooperatively and get sincere in efforts to save Lake Winnipeg.”

A Green government is committed to involving agricultural producers, RMs, the City of Winnipeg, fishing people, First Nations and all leading ecologists willing to get involved.  If spent wisely, no dollar amount should be spared and no time wasted in rehabilitating Lake Winnipeg and its watershed.  Greens would follow the model implemented in wetland restoration trial in the RM of Blanshard, which cost $1.2 million and included a 70% voluntary buy-in from farmers, and extend it throughout the watershed.  Greens would also strongly regulate and enforce rules around the ban of phosphorus loading in our sewers and restrict future sewer expansion and direct dumping of raw sewage into our waterways, transitioning towards waterless sanitation.

“As a woman, connected as we are to the Moon and subsequently to the tides, I feel very strongly that I need to speak on behalf of the water,” says Whiteman. “The Green Party looks at long-term solutions, not short-term dollars.  We have made some very short-sighted decisions in the past.  Let’s learn from some of our mistakes and start making decisions for the long term, for the seven generations down the road from whom we are borrowing this land.  We have not been very good tenants.  Let’s correct our mistakes before we get evicted.”



James Beddome, leader, 488-2831

Glenda Whiteman, candidate, Gimli

Lake Winnipeg & Provincial election forum and film

Start: September 15, 2011 7:00 pm
End: September 15, 2011 9:00 pm
Venue: Lady of the Lake Theatre, Waterfront Centre,
Phone: 204-943-0318
Google Map
94 – 1st Avenue, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

Film: Choking Lake Winnipeg (2010, 26 Minutes)
& Provincial election forum
September 15, 7 pm,
Lady of the Lake Theatre, Waterfront Centre, 94 – 1st Avenue, Gimli.


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