Many Uses For a Green Party Sign – Get Yours Today…

So –  supporters of the Green Party in the Scotia area have their sign up again, but this time it’s become a community billboard.  On it, from left to right, are:

– a kid’s lost change purse

-an ‘idle free zone’ sign

-a lost kittie notice.

I had gone there thinking that as I had a better location and was out of large signs, I would perform a triage operation and move their sign.  Once I saw it was serving a social purpose, however, I no longer had the heart to move the sign.

Greens – by my campaign at least but more broadly those running for MLA in our party – are all about local organizing and getting citizens to use their voices and find common spaces to communicate on.  This sign has become one small locus of community attention, attracting passersby’s eyes, and as a Green MLA I’d create as much public space for democracy as possible, from sign boards to regular public town hall forums and citizens’ committees meeting regularly.

Oh, and if you would still like a sign for your yard, let me know ASAP.  They’re smaller, reusable, biodegradable plastic signs, and I have a few left.  St. Johns is slowly but steadily going Green. 19 new signs went up today alone.


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