Can We Move Beyond Our Daily Challenges to Care About Extinction of Coral Reef?

I just read that a new book written by a top UN scientist is predicting the extinction of coral reefs by the end of this century, the first entire ecosystem to be destroyed by anthropogenic, or human-caused activity.

So while “the environment” waxes and wanes on pollsters’ lists of things we do and don’t care about, nature herself, Earth’s living systems, continue to be destroyed at an alarming rate. Climate change is not easy to solve, and don’t believe that only individual action is enough for us to deal with the bigger redesign we need of our systems away from fossil fuels.

This is why I am involved in politics. Because it is time people started to coordinate and organize a response on a society-wide scale to the amount of carbon we are emitting into our atmosphere, which means a civilizational-scale retooling. Not just in Manitoba, of course, but globally.   Continue reading